COVID-19: A Social Distancing Toolkit

Yoga MIndfulness

Feeling anxious? That’s okay! Anxiety is extremely normal and quite valid in this situation – there is a lot of noise in the world and collectively, I believe we are all experiencing a gentle background hum of fear.

Happiness 101: Unpacking & Redefining What It Means To Be Happy

Tesia Briski

Goals are valuable tools in our lives, however, we tend to place heavy conditions on goals. Happiness is not a conditional state: by saying “I’ll only be happy if ____” or “I’ll finally be happy when _____”, we are removing the possibility of us being happy right now. Because you never know, something else just might make your day.

Acceptance: The Art Of Letting Go

Mindfulness Training

Acceptance. The art of observing, allowing, and letting go of resistance. The practice of non-judgemental awareness of our-selves, our behaviours, our habits, our core values, and all of those regarding others, too. The unending release of that which does not serve us. The final stage of grief.