Chirine Said, MACP Candidate

Embracing a solution-focused philosophy, she recognizes each client as the ultimate architect of their life’s journey, empowering them to navigate challenges and uncover their innate strength and potential.

Chirine Said

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)/Intern

Chirine has a background in early childhood education, first working alongside children and their families as an educator and eventually as a trainer and instructor for other professionals. That journey gave Chirine an appreciation of the psychodynamic theory, where an exploration of individuals’ childhood experiences can explain some present-day behaviour and cognition. After a decade of working with children and families, Chirine joined law enforcement, where she witnessed complex human behaviour, inspiring her to continue her education in psychotherapy. With a solution-focused approach that honours the client as the true master of their own life, she aims to assist clients in discovering their resilient selves.

Chirine also grew an interest in working alongside perinatal and postpartum clients as she has experienced firsthand the importance of psychological support during such an exciting yet challenging period. She believes that both Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as well as a person-centered approach can be beneficial in helping clients to navigate these challenging times.

Chirine is pleased to be seeing clients at Resiliency Clinic as part of her internship for her Master in Counselling and Psychotherapy. She appreciates others’ stories, is empathetic to others’ adversities and offers a judgement-free and safe environment.

Chirine speaks English, French, Spanish and Arabic.